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Transforming practices & empowering ​chiropractors & their teams every day by ​improving efficiency, communication, ​productivity & profitability everyday.


Sought after lecturer at ​chiropractic conferences & ​motivational speaker

Start Your Coaching Journey with us! ​We offer a extensive training program ​to teach new coaches everything they ​need to know to how to launch their ​coaching business. I am looking for ​coaches to join my team!


Rose Outline

Dr. Rosemary Batanjski is known by all for her “infectious personality" and her ​heart of gold. Known for her generous nature, you will find her regularly

volunteering for causes that are important to her and her family. A healer by ​nature, it's no surprise that she chose chiropractic as a profession. She has ​dedicated her life to giving back to the community and her profession.

In 2017 helped co-found the Women Chiropractors Non Profit Organization

serving as president until 2021. You will also find her on stage as a sought after

motivational speaker and lecturer inside and out of our profession. Her topics ​include: personal development, business strategy, human resources, ​communication, growth mindset, risk management & leadership training.

Sometimes the hardest times in life lead to the greatest moments and success. ​Rosemary has experienced this personally after being diagnosed with a life ​threatening condition. She has surrounded herself with the best business ​mentors, programs and training. With her faith and sheer determination she ​built the practice of her dreams, retired from clinical practice 9 years ago at the ​age of 40 and now is living her best life. It didn't happen overnight. It required ​much effort, perseverance and courage. She now finds herself more committed ​than ever to use her experience, knowledge and passion for business and

leadership to help others in chiropractic.

Today she is focused on her consulting, Mind Your Business (Training & ​Workshops & her new business that she is passionate about called Chiroflix.

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  • Team Performance & Accountability
  • HR Management & Staff Training
  • Communications (Team & Patient)
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • Turning a Profit: Revenue & Production
  • 4 Pillars of Practice
  • Implementation of the 3P's: Processes, ​Policies & Procedures
  • Revenue Cycle Management & KPI ​Management
  • Audit Survival - Forensic Audits of your ​Documentation & Financials
  • Quarterly & Yearly Strategic Planning: ​Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Exit Strategies for the Business Owner
  • Risk Management: Billing, Compliance ​& Documentation

Rose Outline


  • Modern Strategies for Success
  • Communication: the Biggest SUBLUXATION in Your Practice
  • Audit Your Team: Building the Best Team with Results
  • Spring Cleaning & Revenue Cycle Management
  • What is Your SUPERPOWER? Everyone Has a ROLE: KPI Management
  • Hierarchy of Patients Needs
  • How Social Styles Can Impact Your Patient Care & Your Team
  • Performance
  • Having a Pulse on Your Practice: how to create systems that work
  • How to CEO & Scale Your Practice for Growth
  • How to Get Beyond the BUSYness
  • Business Made Simple; business strategies that take little effort and yield great results
  • The Power of Words: Neurolinguistics & Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & ​Certainty
  • Risky Business: Are You Compliant? (Documentation, Risk Management)
  • What is Your Proven Process? (3P's processes, policies, procedures)
  • Help Me Understand: Accountability
  • What are You Worth? Knowing your value and how to grow your practice.
  • What's Your COOKIE? Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience in Your Practice
  • The Science Behind Fear: Negative Self talk & Limiting Beliefs
  • Four Pillars of Practice: Creating an Authentic Practice Operating System that Works
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"Master our CEO H.A.B.I.T.S- Strengthen Your Leadership Backbone, ​Rekindle Joy in Your Practice, Drive Team Performance, Deliver ​Outstanding Results, and Achieve Financial Freedom"

Achieve the Pinnacle of Practice Success: join our innovative course ​designed specifically for chiropractic professionals who aim to excel in ​the realms of leadership and business management within their ​practices. This curriculum bridges the gap between chiropractic ​expertise and executive leadership, focusing on the critical skills ​necessary for running a successful practice, including strategic planning, ​financial acumen, marketing strategies, and patient-centric service ​delivery. This course is a unique opportunity for chiropractors to ​transform their practice into a thriving business and great for those ​thinking of exiting clinical practice.


A Blueprint for Aspiring Business Coaches” is an immersive ​seminar designed to guide you through every facet of becoming a ​successful business coach. This comprehensive program distills ​key learnings from a multitude of business courses into actionable ​insights, ensuring you receive the most effective and up-to-date ​strategies in the coaching industry. Throughout this seminar, ​participants will embark on a detailed exploration of what it truly ​takes to be a coach. From

foundational coaching principles to advanced techniques, you’ll ​learn how to foster transformative growth in your clients. Our ​curriculum covers crucial topics such as identifying your coaching. ​You’ll learn how to leverage digital marketing, networking, and ​personal branding to build a strong client base.

Moreover, we equip you with an arsenal of resources and tools ​that streamline your coaching process. From client management ​systems to assessment tools, you’ll discover how to make your ​coaching business a success

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Shaping the future of Chiropractic Excellence: Fostering Success ​through Mentorship, Comprehensive Training & Advanced ​Practice Tools

At The Chiropractor Mentorship Academy, we’re dedicated to ​transforming your associates into leaders of the field. Our ​comprehensive training program, proven successful in numerous ​clinics, is designed not just to educate but to inspire.

We focus on empowering your ASSOCIAT for the best ​outcomes, ensuring that the goal of our mentorship is clear: to ​develop skilled, confident, and innovative chiropractic ​practitioners who contribute significantly to their clinics’ growth ​and their patients’ well-being.

Let us help you train and mentor your associate to not just meet ​expectations, but to exceed them, fostering a culture of ​excellence and success within your practice.


Empower Your Office Manager to Achieve Greatness. Our 12-week ​program is meticulously designed to transform your office manager ​into a pivotal leader within your practice.

Starting with foundational management principles, we delve into ​essential skills such as effective communication, accountability, and ​team building. Our curriculum encompasses a thorough exploration ​of systems, human resources, compliance, marketing, and much ​more, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted ​role of an office manager. Let us guide your office manager to ​greatness, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to ​significantly enhance the efficiency and success of your practice.”



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Rose Outline

What Clients Say

I was scared at first, I hated change. I kept the most toxic employees because of ​my comfort zone, now I have the best team & I love coming to work everyday ~ ​Dr.Amanda

I now think like a business women & have been able to pay down debt while ​accumulate wealth with her team of experts ~ Dr.Dara

I was able to increase my revenue in 2023 by $100K in 10 months ~ Dr.John

Not only am I a better leader in my clinic my communication improved significantly ​& I became a better business woman because of her coaching ~ Dr.Heidi

Working with Dr.Rose taught me that my voice mattered, taught me how to lead ​with confidence & get what I need from my team ~ Dr.Laura

I have more freedom to do want with my life, I learned to work on my business not ​knee deep in my practice with the 4 Pillars of Practice & make ALOT

more money ~ Dr.Keith

I added an associate before I even thought I was able to & increased my revenue ​by 30% in 6 months & have time to be a mom ~ Dr.S

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